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  • What do I want? This can be harder to answer than you think. Write your list of ‘must haves’ and ‘maybes’, go out and see as much as you can, find out as much as possible about the market you’d like to buy in. And ask us, because we’ll have a view.
  • What are my timings? Expect the unexpected. We can give you averages, we may not be right, but it helps to be clear from the start if dates are critical. Let’s chat and agree a sensible timeframe.
  • How do I determine my budget? Speak to a mortgage provider to establish your mortgage size, look to your savings and don’t forget to include consider capital costs outside the cost of the property alone. We’re up to date, so ask us.
  • How do I manage the process? Register with agents and all the relevant portals (and alerts), seek financial advice, and find a lawyer or conveyancer. Assuming you need to, put your own home on the market, coordinating sale and purchase. Make sure your agent records all your offers in writing. We do, so let’s talk.
  • How do I move? Notify your utility providers and the local Council, get insurance in place, register your kids at their new school, don’t forget to cancel the milk or take the cat! Lawyers will advise you and we’ll chat about it too.