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About Landlords

  • How do I achieve the best yield? By remembering what you think is a great property may not be a great rental property. Getting the best yield is all about the numbers. Talk to us and find out more
  • How can I ensure I’m legally sound? By using the right agreements and going through the right processes. Doing so is harder than you think with a legal landscape that’s constantly shifting.  We’re up to date, so ask us
  • How is the deposit managed? By being collected, by us, at the start of the tenancy and registered with an independent body
  • How do I find the best rentals? By targeting areas with good local, London and international transportation, and communication links. We know where’s best, so let’s chat
  • How do I get the best tenants? By ensuring everything stacks up. Achieving this means credit and personal checks, and where necessary acquiring guarantees and further references. It’s what we do and ask us