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Property Portfolio Q&A

  • How do I maximise my investment? A better yield is obtained from a number of properties rather than fewer larger ones. However, there are many answers to this question. So let’s talk.
  • How do I get my portfolio in good shape? Make your capital work across a portfolio not a single property. Remember it’s business and remove all personal preference, a ‘pretty’ property can be good but ‘ugly’ can be better! We’ve a view, so ask us.
  • How quickly and regularly will I get tenants? If you work with an agent with other, similar portfolios and a good book of tenants it will help. Don’t be afraid of taking out references on your agent and remember long term tenancy is better than short term. We can tell you how we analyse your portfolio so find out more.
  • How many risks are there? There are risks, but if you’re agent manages for you, you can minimise them. You may have ‘void periods’, but your portfolio should be underwritten by its inherent capital growth. Understand the cash flow of the portolio and don’t over stretch. We know the pitfalls, so let’s chat.
  • How do I review my rents and capital values? Regularly and realistically annually. Though this should be the role of your appointed agent. Talk to us, we do.