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About Tenants

  • What’s my commitment? Treat the home like your own, look after general cleanliness, pay for utilities and rates. You’ll pay a deposit at the outset, regular payments throughout via the tenancy agreement and a reservation fee covering legal document charges and referencing. Just ask us and find out more. 
  • What’s my protection? Your tenancy is secured under an assured short-hold tenancy. This is the standard form of leasing for private rental and is reviewed regularly by solicitors to ensure it’s legally balanced. An inventory is carried out when you arrive and leave, and it’s completely independent. Just ask us for more information. 
  • What happens to my deposit? It’s protected by the Deposit Protection Service and approved by the Government. It’s held securely and provided everything is in order, you’ll get it back at end of your tenancy. We know all the ins and out, so let’s chat.
  • What support is available? Some properties, and the majority if ours, are managed. This means all your dealings regarding the property will be through us. It also means the property is looked after for you via a portfolio of approved tradesmen. It’s what we do so ask us.
  • What happens at the end of the tenancy? We have a monitored exit procedure. If you want to, you can renew. If you don’t, we help manage your exit and you get your deposit back. It’s straightforward and we can tell you more.