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If you’re a landlord or a tenant you need to work with someone who understands what you need. Whether you’re concerned about process, putting people together or getting things right legally, we can help.

We’ve learned over the years that landlords and tenants have complementary needs. Landlords want to know their tenants will share their values and tenants want to know their landlord will treat them fairly. The legal landscape is changing constantly and everyone wants to stay on the right side of it, as well as benefit from it where they can. The process from viewing to rent payment needs to work like clockwork. After 30 years we know how to get all of this right and more. With Russell Property you’ll find it’s a perfect partnership for everyone.

If you decide to take the route of letting your property then employing a good agent can make all the difference. Putting your property up for rent is increasingly common in the current economic climate and we provide a fantastic service to protect the interests of each party involved.

We work hard to only provide the best quality housing for the best quality tenants on the market. Our wide range of letting services has been carefully created to ensure that you are provided with complete assistance and support.